Defining life moments in music

January 11, 2010

In my last entry, I touched on what music means to me, and asked you to think of the defining moments in your life and what music you relate to them.

What I neglected to do was answer my own question.

This is neither chronological, nor complete (that’s why this is called the RAMBLING Scotsman blog – Ed).

So, starting off with one both funny and sobering, on the 6th day of this millenium, I had a pretty huge crash in my car, involving car flying into the air and travelling 30ft before landing on the nose!

Remarkably, though a little shaken up, I escaped with a sore neck and a tiny little cut. So what song did my friends jokingly suggest was appropriate? Flying Without Wings by Westlife! (you should check out the culprits’ blog).

Genius, right?! So anytime I hear that song, it reminds me of how lucky I am to be alive, and cheers me right up!

If I want a reminder of the daft carry on I’ve had with my friends, Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ holds special significance (all I’ll say is Podium Dancing…)

Caledonia by Frankie Miller makes me come over all patriotic, proud, and reminds me of nights listening to music in my car with friends on Stirling Castle esplanade, complete with quite simply one of the most gorgeous night views. That view, to me, means home.

Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera reminds me of a looooong night in a garage too afraid to ask out a girl I had a huge crush on.

She’s The One, by Robbie Williams always makes me think of my wife, and smile 🙂

Those that hold sad memories for me, may be subject of another post, when I am in the state of mind to think of those times, but again they are the soundtrack of my life so far and I wouldn’t change it!

One last thing, a good Twitter friend read my first post and told me the song that defines her, as a person, not just a moment in her life.

Now that’s a hard question to answer; my favourite song or band changes frequently as I’ve a very varied taste in music. So how can I pick just one song to define me?

What one song would define YOU?


2 Responses to “Defining life moments in music”

  1. kujawak Says:

    Funnily enough, a few of those songs evoke the same memories in me… no surprises really! (Although I did remember last week that it was TEN YEARS since the Westlife incident – we’re old man!)

    Interestingly, when I think about songs I can relate to big events in my life there are two that come to mind immediately. Both represent failures at the time but things I learned from which helped me later on in life. Those being Bon Jovi – Always, and Coldplay – The Scientist. What makes that all the stranger is that, as you know, they’ll forever be tied to specific people. Yet there’s no song for the third, most important, person on that list. Maybe I don’t need to learn any more lessons 🙂

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