Top 5 Annoyances – Take 1

January 22, 2010

I say this is take one, because the list would change every 5 minutes!!!

5. Abuse of the English language, by the English!
“The bin needs emptying” is NOT acceptable!
Even when the newsreaders on the BBC are talking like that.

4. Inconsiderate parking.
No, seriously, block my drive, I didn’t really want to go out…

3. Blocking shopping malls by having a chat with 10 friends in the middle of the mall rather than standing off to the side out of the road.

2. The “entitled” workshy wasters who act like the world owes them when they’ve never done a proper days work in their lives.

1. People who don’t understand that paying for a cinema ticket doesn’t give you free reign to ruin the film for everyone else who bought a ticket by shouting/fighting/kicking the seat in front or deliberately over-reacting to everything you see/hear just to be the centre of attention!!


One Response to “Top 5 Annoyances – Take 1”

  1. judy Says:

    Okay, here are mine…

    1. Wobbly tables.
    2. Luke warm lattes.
    3. Doors that slam (or doors that close too slowly). I like my doors perfect.
    4. Rainy days where the rain never quite materializes.
    5. Yeah, inconsiderate parking. (Your car is not so badass that it needs two spaces. It’s just not.)

    There. I feel better.

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