Lately, life seems to be passing me by, or at least I’m struggling to remember it.

Sat watching tv with my better half tonight it occured to me that I couldn’t actually remember most of yesterday.

But then, is that because I didn’t do much of interest? Is that why the days seem to fly by so quickly, because so much of them is routine, on autopilot?

That’s what I hate about winter, dark all the time, weather that doesn’t exactly motivate you to go outside and be active!

Now I’m not exactly the fittest or most active person, but even I’m getting restless!

Time to get back to the gym, get out with my camera and tripod…

In short, I need to DO something!

Anyone else feeling that way too, or is it just me?


It’s funny how things can creep up on you.

18 months ago my company was basking in the glory of delivering the largest, riskiest and most technically challenging project in our corporate history.

Within the team where I work, we’d all worked our asses off on it for years and for me personally, it presented great opportunities to develop myself, get noticed, get rewarded, it was basically the highlight of my career and I was on a high.

I had a great manager, the best I’ve ever had, and everything looked rosy.

Then everything changed.

Management reshuffle meant my immediate and senior managers both changed and I’m now managed from 500 miles away.

The platform I look after now has a shelf life, so my plans to look for new challenges and more marketable skills in the future have more focus.

One of our team has moved on to another role, but not just any old colleague, a great friend and mentor.

And now I no longer enjoy working in a team I once loved, in fact I now feel I’m going nowhere fast and that will not change if I stay put.

It’s like the management change and loss of a vibrant colleague killed off the lifeforce of the team and it’s in fatal shock.

So, time to get down to writing a CV (haven’t done one in 12 years!) and going for interviews. Much as I know what I’m good at, I hate this selling and marketing of yourself!

If you told me 18 months ago I’d be feeling this way now, I’d have said you were barking!

But nothing lasts forever and I’ve gone from content to pissed off in just a few short weeks.

Or maybe it was building and it just came to a head?

But now the point of no return has been reached, It’s time to move!