I was having a discussion about favourite bands with friends on Twitter the other night, which made me think about my relationship with music.

Music means different things to different people; for me it’s something I can’t live without, it makes me feel a whole gamut of emotions and enriches lives, movies, everything it touches.

There’s a scene in one of my favourite movies, Mr Hollands’ Opus, where Richard Dreyfuss’ character explains to his high school music class about Beethoven lying on the floor whilst composing in order to feel the notes he was playing, as he was deaf.

All the while the beautiful yet sombre Beethovens’ 7th Symphony is playing, getting louder and louder and we see the emotion on Glenn Hollands’ face as he struggles with the revelation that his young son is deaf.

It’s one of the most captivating and moving scenes I’ve ever watched, and without the 7th symphony it just would not work, you would not feel what the character is feeling, that’s the power of music.

I associate certain songs, artists, styles of music with different events or stages in my life, memories good and bad.

I can hear a song and be transported back to somewhere in my past, with old friends, I get boosebumps, I get emotional.

For others, music is just background, something entertaining yet quickly forgotten.

For others it’s a distraction, something to dance to, study to and a million other things!

And while I don’t understand how people can be unmoved by music, or why people can like certain artists or musical styles, that’s the beauty of music; because it is personal, subjective and therefore there is something for everyone.

So take a moment to think about the soundtrack to your life, as if it were a movie; what would define the best and worst moments of your life, how did it make you feel?