So, I was chatting to a couple of my Twitter friends, including the brains behind Zebra Sounds (what do you mean you’re not already a regular reader?! Get over there! But please come back here…).

In conversation, the topic of being shy/starstruck around people came up, and I mentioned the fact that for the first two thirds of my life, I was completely unable to talk coherently to any girl/woman I was even remotely attracted to.

If I liked someone, rather than speak to her I’d freeze, blush furiously, go weak at the knees, and either not speak or kinda mumble my way through.

I was also socially awkward, comfortable in my circle of friends but otherwise felt like I didn’t fit in and wanted desperately to be one of the popular people.

Those who’ve known me since high school remember all too well wasted days and nights spent listening to me gushing over my latest crush and agonising over asking them out and never doing it!

All pretty normal stuff for your teenage years of course.

These days, I couldn’t be described as shy, I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin, I know what my strengths are (and I’m happy to tell you) but I’m also well aware of my flaws and would admit them too.

One response confirmed as much, “And then came Twitter. ;-)”.

But in truth what you see on Twitter/Facebook is pretty much what you get.

In terms of what changed, I’d say several important people in my life have had an effect on me, from my lovely wife to work colleagues, friends and also situations as well.

I actually said as much on Twitter, about how all these people and events had, “…dragged me outta my shell! Don’t think I’d fit back in my shell now…”.

That met with “That’s a wonderful thought… being too big for your old shell.”

And it is a great thought, a great way to chart or visualise personal change/development.

Would you still fit in the metaphorical shell which you once called home?